Susan Lukomski (Masakis) - Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, because of my work.  Wish I could be there to see everyone again.  Sounds like you will have a great time!

James (Jim) Yakes - Thank you for the invite. It would have been nice to attend, but unfortunately I will be in Washington D.C. over the holiday to see my new grandson.  It was interesting looking at the web site seeing how folks were doing.  I will try to put my information in but I have to find a picture of myself that looks half way decent (not any easy task).

Steve Oder - Unfortunately I am already booked on the 4th & 5th and won't be able to make it.  I did attend an all-class reunion a few years ago and had a ball.  I am sorry to have to miss this.

April Hightowner (Stollmack) _  I just got offered and started a new job that won't allow me to make the trip this summer (daughter also getting married).  Anyway, thank you for keeping me up to date on the plans.

Doug Kipperman - Unfortunately we plan on going out of town during the beginning of July.  I hope all goes well.

Kathy Roeder (Bell) - Thanks for the email about the 40th reunion. (Wow....has it really been that long?).  I am sorry that I can't make it.  My daughter is getting married in South Carolina on July 12, so I will be a little busy the week before!!

Becky Bush (Wright) - Wedding

Steve Brooks

Steve Case

Caroline Coffin (Nelson)

Wendy Esparcia (Smelosky)

Harry Gallagher

Jane Goodfellow (Sorrick)

Peter Holmshaw - Thanks for your note, but I don't think I'll be able to make it this time.  I live in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, doing trave writing for a living and taking care of my family for a life.  If you do produce any written record of the event I'd love to read it.  Any class of 68 member who makes it to Chiang Mai gets dinner on me!  Best Regards, Pete

Mike Leonard - Will be out of town.

Kathy Penick (Winkleman) - On vacation during the reunion and has other plans she cannot change.  Thanks, though.............

Vicky Preciado (Arlow)

Tom Rosania - Thanks for the email. I will not be able to attend the reunion. I hope you have a good time.

Donna Sansoucy (McNear) - Will be in New Jersey visiting family.

John Keeler - I won't be able to attend - I need to be in Washington DC on business.  Best Regards.

Gary Winstead - Silly anniversary is a wee after the reunion.  The crazy redhead is dragging me off to the Med for the summer.  Have a great time........will do the next one. 

Donna Fink (Young) - Sorry but I won't be able to attend this one.

Karen Anderson (Stockton) - Will be attending an Expo Event as the triage appraiser.

Dennis Carroll - I won't be able to attend the reunion, though I would like to be there.  I haven't been back since a business trip took me to San Diego in 1992, when I slipped away to walk around the school, the island, and the beach with a great deal of nostalgia.  I hope to make it back again sometime in the next few years.  My father's ship, the Midway, which he captained during Viet Nam, is now berthed in the harbor.  Some friends of his who live in San Diego have said my family's welcome any time to stay with them for a visit.  I hope you have a great turn out for the reunion.  I'll be there in spirit.  I suppose everyone will be wondering how the time has gone so fast - 40 years already!  It seems unbelievable.  Thanks for thinking of me.  If you have some pictures taken at the runion, please send them alon to my email address:

Diane Burda Shadoan - I will not be able to attend the reunion due to another commitment.  I have really enjoyed reading the website, you did a wonderful job.  I know it is a lot of hard work putting something like this together.  Thank you.

Bill Thompson - I doubt my making the reunion.  Sorry about that.  I'd've attended had I not decided to move to the East.  I have to prep for tha show in NYC, well Brooklyn right around the reunion, I'm stuck..........and I don't wanna suck in NY, ya know............word travels fast there!  Still no definite date on the Steve Miller recording of my tune "Back to Memphis" w/me playing with him.........but I've been told to plan on August in Nashville...........Anyway, I hope ya have a great turnout......I know you've worked hard and I commend you for your undaunting efforts.  Ok then, I'll be off with my bad self!  BT

Sandy Hamby Mulholland - I just came back from a week's visit to my mom for her 90th Bday on May 28, so I will not be able to come.  Hope you guys have a ball.

Jane Weatherwax - I really want to come, but I am going to be on the road for every single weekend from now until the middle of August.  Give the "ole" gang a hug for me.  I will toast you all from Northern California.......thanks for thinking of me.  Jane

Cindie Buck Espinoza - I won't be able to attend the reunion.  I will be out of town that weekend.  I sure hate to miss it though.  I know everyone will have a wonderful time.

Kathy Albright Hoffman - Sorry to inform you that I will not be able to come to the reunion this year.  My husband can not get the time off and I am not sure I could fit all my clothes in ONE suitcase any way (we would have to fly from Washington DC!) LOL!  Hope you all have a GREAT time!!

Fred Myers - On website 

Patty Player - On website

Kim Skaalen - 

Julie Bowen - I will not be able to be physically present for the celebration this year.  So I will have to officially RSVP que Non, but please keep me on your email list. Thank you.

Larry 'Flame' Cummins - Kay Lynn & I return to AZ next week.  Kids will be down for the 4th in Bisbee, so we will miss the reunion.

John Costello - Aloha, unfortunately I will not be able to attend the class reunion on July 5th. They have scheduled a medical procedure (minor) on the 3rd of July.  Thank you and please give my sincere best regards to all of the Coronado Islanders.  Sincerely, John Costello

Allison Pond Sanford - I'm not going to be able to make it down for the reunion.  Unfortunately, there aren't enough weekends in my summer this year.  I am retiring at the end of the year and will then have lots of time for playing, but alas the reunion is this year.  I have really enjoyed the web site.  I sure crammed a lot of fun and new experiences into my freshman year, I can only wonder if I would have survived three more years at CHS! Thank you for organizing this. I have really enjoyed the memory stimulation.  I know you will all have a wonderful time.  Warm Regards, Allison

Dave Tipton - I thought that I would be able to attend but another commitment will put me in Hawaii at that time.  It was a hard decision as I wanted to see everyone.  Keep me posted for the next reunion (does it have to be 10 years?, since we are all getting along in the years, maybe next one should be in 5 years or so).  The web site is awesome.  I can only assume it will be taken down after the reunion?  Dave

Linda Loranger - on website

Richard Baker - I won't be coming to the reunion.  I organized a social function for the same date some time ago.  It would not be good for me to skip it since I set it up. Bummer.  I hope you all have fun.  Rich

Cyndy Herrick - On web site

Harold Humphrey - Hey, won't be there.  I hope all goes well.  Harold

Gene Alley - I'm not planning to attend.

Walt Flanders - We would love to attend, but obviously we just found out and already have vacation plans with 2 of our grandboys in July.  Great to be no longer "missing" and we'll see you at the next one.  Still trying to figure out who all those "old people" are in the now, it has be a few decades..... Best wishes & take care!  Walt

Claire Curran - Sorry, I don't have any plans to attend the reunion.  Hope everyone enjoys it.

Becky Beveridge - Would have liked to attend and was planning to until some major unexpected thing came up.

Tim Neil - Sorry to say I can't make it.  Expenses and business. Thanks Tim.

Penny Williams White - Thank you so much for your communication throughout this reunion process.  I'm sorry I won't be attending the CHS group activities.  Your incredible efforts to inform and include everyone are truly appreciated and will always be remembered by all of the 1968 CHS class!!! Cheers!!!  Penny

Patty Williams Siskind - Per Penny will not be able to attend.

Jim Callahan - Sorry for the delay in responding.  Diana (my wife) and I have been out of touch while trekking through some Alaskan backcountry.  Beautiful vistas, stretching as far as the eye can see, and the air is so clean and crisp that it's refreshing just to take a couple of deep breaths!  Right now we're in Talkeetna (it's near Mt. McKinley) and I'm at a public computer, so I hope you get this.  My older son will be getting married up here next week, so we're all up here for the wedding, as well as enjoying their graduation gifts (both my son and his wife recently graduated from medical school, and it was their wish to enjoy a family outting in the Alaskan bush).  We won't be back in Coronado in time for the 40th, so thank you for including me in all your emails.  Please keep us on the reunion list and we'll see what we can do for #50.  Thanks again, Jim

Danny Orlino - I'm writing you to regretfully let you know that I cannot make it to Coronado.  I have to return to Guam........I have an urgent matter to tend to.  

John Adams - I won't be coming down for the reunion, but I'm asking Tony F. a special favor:  Put on some tan cuffed trousers, an old gray sweatshirt, a green baseball cap with a C on it and wear an eyepatch and go in the spirit of Sunday Durland.  He should also carry a size 12 converse all star to greet the boys with.  He'll know what I mean.  Peace to all and have a blast.  John

Carolyn Thomas - Sends her love.  Has personal commitments that are preventing her from attending.

Mary Telles Lyons - I had a change in plans and probably won't be able to make the reunion..if things change I will attend.

Steve Jennings - I live in Australia and won't be able to make it to the reunion.  40 years very scary.

Martin Brock - Hi! I doubt I can come to Coronado for a reunion this year as I live in Kentucky with a full schedule.

Arturo Reyes - Don't know if I can make it.