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Holley Rockcastle (Hoffman)
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July 25, 1950 Attorney Single Again 1
Geez, where have 40 years gone????  A daughter and granddaughter have certainly made the time well worth it! Send Holley a MessageSend Holley a Message
Kathy Albright (Hoffman)
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September 29, 1950 Food Services Manager @ GMU University Married 3

We were just in Coronado two weeks ago for my niece's wedding so am not sure if we will be back again in July. But I might win the lottery so you never know!! 

I would love to see you all again.
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Mike Hoppe
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October 11, 1949 Retired Married 5
This 50th reunion sure was fun!  Sandy and I live in Coronado so anytime you are in town please get in touch! For those who don't know, I married Sandy McLeod Ryan (class of 1970) and between us we have 5 kids and 6 grandkids. Life is good! Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Harold Humphrey
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February 07, 1951 architect Married 3
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Elizabeth Hutson
July 20, 1950 Retired biologist/naturalist Single Again
Happily living in mellow Coronado after spending twenty of my post high school years in Alaska.

Graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, (major: Biology, minor: Cultural Anthro). Spent most of the 70’s living and working in remote locales for different agencies in AK in the Yukon-Kuskowim Delta, Mt. McKinley NP (now Denali NP), Gates of the Arctic NP. The work involved the vascular flora, migratory and endemic birds. 

In the 80’s, was married. 

In the early 90’s, returned to AK on a birding-centric 3-day raft then 6-day backpack trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (very northeast corner of AK). I knew I had to return to AK.

Beginning the next season (and for a total of thirteen), worked in Denali NP as a naturalist/tour driver, giving an eight-hour narrated tour, while driving a 52-passenger bus, and safely navigating the narrow, dirt, precarious, and sometimes mountain road which bisects the heart of the wilderness in this incredible 6 million acre NP. (Yikes! Responsible for the safety of 52+1 souls!

Traveled to every continent except Antarctica. 

Former marathon runner (40). Ridiculous, but it was my forte, including three ultras (31 mi); nothing really silly like 50 or 100 milers.

Great memories of epic backpack trips: rugged, snow-capped, picturesque Mt. Kenya, with its giant alpine plants one of which looks like a 4-foot Thing, from the Munsters; another in the daisy family looks like an eight foot multi-stemmed globe artichoke; John Muir Trail (solo); many two weeks in length in the high country in Yosemite NP (also solo); many backpacking and day-hiking in Denali NP;  never-to-forget the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (raft/backpack trip from the Kongakut River to the Arctic Ocean; saw 25,000 caribou & 25 musk oxen) and cemented two lifelong friendships. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th!


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February 02, 1950 RESTAURANTEUR RHINO CAFE Married

At the first committee meeting Marilyn Stockdale said she didn't recognize me.  How strange.  I didn't think there were any other Asians in our class that she could have confused me with.  Anyway, after 40 years I guess a lot of us don't look the same but I bet by our 50th reunion some of us won't even know our own names or recognize family members.  So I hope  that you try to make it to this reunion. I would love to say "hello". 

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Joe Ingalls
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March 31, 1950 self employed Divorced 2
I  have to change my comments, there is way too much good material here.

Like what the hell happened, some things I guess they turned out how I would have expected..for instance..

Tony F is a contractor...I always thought he'd be taking out contracts

Rob M is retired , well that figures he never did work?.

Carol Nix is finally certifiable!

Susan Strane a kiddiegarden teacher.. enough said...

 Many more surprises.... who have thunk it!

Jim Robeson a pastor and Cult Oliver a cement mason... seems to me in high school,  Jim was the one getting laid!

Loc Vetter an Otrhopedic Surgeon. I always figured he be an Anesthesiologist.
He sure could put me to sleep!

Claudia 'Unsinkable' Kane  keeping the Navy afloat 

Dave Rahill, a storage manager... and  I thought it would cryogenics! And  he's getting married for the first time ....after having 17 wifes in a commune in utah!

Marilyn Stackdale....oh my! where did she go?

Finding out Bob Yount and Rick Beede were really twins separated at birth. the grew to look alike.

Realizing.. Mr Valliere didn't quit coaching the Basketball team in 1965 because he was too old!

Wondering if I ever drove a car with a license plate made by Bob Lahodney. 

Realizing while I was spending my lunch hour at Anderson Bakery having a long John..Gwyn O'toole was sucking down a hot dog with Randy Bent

Awarding Donna Sansoucy the prize for having change the least..and she's not showing up to collect it.

John Little becomes an attorney. Like there aren't already enough jokes about that.

And of  course, moi.. Check out the self -employed,...... that ain't like independently wealthy..more like a bum!

After 24 years of marriage and two kids I'm divorced,  I never got laid in high school, but what the  hell, that was 40 years ago!

Those of you I haven't offended yet , see ya July 5th.. I'll bring new material

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Bill Jennings
September 08, 1950 Married 3
I attended Coronado High for only a few months January thur June 1968. I found this site while writing a book about my high school experiences and wanted to find out my english teachers name to mention her as the one whom give me a book that changed my life.The book was on the Life of Malcolm X, after leaving Coronado in June I moved to Oakland,and later that summer joined the Black Panther Party. I worked on and helped develop the Free Breakfast for School Childen Program. that started in Oakand and now in every school in america.

Paul Morris and I was the only Blacks in the class of 1968. I did learn more about the Civic Rights movement and why we have riots in america, and why there were people against the war. I learned that and more in yes Coronado High, our engish teacher was GREAT.

 Since those days, I have lived in  many places, and been to the best concerts in our time. I now live in Sacramento, Calif my wife is a doctor and I'm a Historian with a focus on 60's and 70's. I have a large collect of photos and Underground newspapers from those times. I travel widely doing exhibits and talking at colleges about the Black Panther Party. I have done exhibts in NY at the New Museum, MODA in LA,Manchester UK, spoke in the House of Commons.Last year traveled to Tanzania to do a exhibit.This year,I, spoke at USC, Ruckers in New Jersey and had an exhibit at the DusAble Museum in Chicago. I love my work.

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Robin Keehn
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Re-Tired "new Tread on Body & Soul" Committed Relationship 1

Past 5-yr Highlights:
Who says getting old is a drag? As an “Elder Orphan” I feel more freedom and authenticity than ever before!  I’ve learned so much as parents and Dear Ones have “Completed Their Lives”. In 2011 I retired in “protest” from my beloved work, when “headquarters” defunded People First of CA (self-advocacy of people w/ D.D); 3yrs later Charlie, who I knew from living on a commune 40 yrs ago, moved in with me (him/2x widow’d – me 2x/divorced); and now, newly married and only child Cimarron, is predicted to make me a Grandma on the day of our 50th Reunion! Cosmic Timing! Meanwhile,
if you haven’t heard, I’m all in for Delaine Eastin being CA’s next and 1st woman Governor! “People Get Ready... there’s a blue/female/wave Acome’n”.
Love Is All There Is

CHS Class of 68" we rocked!
And if there’s any doubt…the latest issue of AARP features “1968 the year that rocked our world”  Was it the times…the people…the tequila? 
 Where are we now and where do we want to go? That’s my 64K$ question. I have a fantasy that over the weekend the interested few will create space and time to ask questions and share answers.


BIO Highlights: Home is Chico 12+ yrs; post Shasta and Sonoma Co. communal living; post Philippine and Missouri adventure with Rob T; Anthropology Special Ed degrees led to my passionate 25 yr civil rights/system change career in the D.D. field; son, Cimarron, getting a physics/ oceanography PhD at MIT (Dad-brains; Mom-heart to save the world); love service and building community led to helping start Hill County Community Clinic in Shasta Co. and 7+ yr on BOD of local "community" radio station KZFR.



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John Keeler
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April 23, 1950 Dean, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh Married 2

Seems like yesterday I was worrying about R.K. Jones' term paper, trying to hit the curve ball off that big lefty from Mar Vista, plodding through math homework with John Finneran and borrowing lunch money from Gwyn O'Toole.  Spent 27 years at the Univ of Washington in Seattle and just moved last July to new job at Univ of Piittsburgh.  Don't know yet if I can make the reunion, but I hope I can--it's reassuring to see that John Little hasn't changed a bit in 40 years.  My 85-year-old Dad still lives on Palm Ave; you will see him playing golf at North Island 3 days/week. Best of luck to everyone!

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